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Grange Meat: Melbourne Butchers

Passionate farmers and skilled butchers, the Grange Meat Co. team promotes a paddock-to-plate approach

Grange Meat Co. sources homegrown produce from our family-owned and operated farm at Romsey Range, and leading free-range purveyors around Victoria. 

55km north of Melbourne, Romsey Range is home to bounties of premium Black Angus Beef and Australian White Lambs that graze freely on the farm.

As a premium butcher shop, we only source ethically produced meat from Victoria. We choose all our products meticulously, with a stringent aspect on farming practices that guide its production from paddock-to-plate. We consistently adhere to strict industry standards, ensuring all meat and products are free from hormone growth promoters (HGP) and are non-GMO.

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Our Butcher Produce

We are artisan butchers also renowned for our handcrafted gourmet small goods, carefully curated in the Grange Smokehouse

Like going to a weekend farmer’s market, you’ll only get the absolute best in cuts and produce from Grange Meat Co. We handpick and craft everything from the smallest sausages, to entire roasts. Whatever you plate up for your family and friends is the best we have in stock.

At Grange Meat Co., our meat isn't just for indulging at home. In our capacity as a preferred Italian butcher shop, we supply the same choice cuts to restaurants and gourmet supermarkets around Victoria. Our clients and retail customers rely on us for the pick of the produce.

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Online Butcher Shop


We take great pride in our commitment to freshness. Every order placed through our online store is meticulously prepared, packaged, and delivered in refrigerated trucks, guaranteeing that your meats reach you in the utmost pristine condition. Our attention to detail and stringent quality control measures ensure that you receive only the best.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality meats and an unparalleled online shopping experience. Our online store is designed to cater to customers throughout selected areas of Victoria, ensuring that you can enjoy premium, farm-fresh meats from the comfort of your home

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Grange Meat Co. provides high quality, premium meats to the Victorian public

We service all areas of the Victorian region. From our family farm to your table, we pride ourselves on an excellent standard of premium quality fresh meats, no matter where you live. All wholesale meat orders are packaged and shipped carefully in cold boxes and refrigerated delivery trucks to ensure they reach the customers in their freshest conditions.

Online wholesale butchers of our calibre are few and far between. We know that, when you order wholesale from us, you’ll want to come back again and again. Scroll to the bottom of this page to hear testimonials from our clients about our premium online butcher services.

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Come in and visit us in Alphington to shop quality meats and receive the highest level of service

We pride ourselves on giving everyone access to the best quality and free range meat from our online butcher ship. In our Italian butcher retail store, you will find our extensive dry ageing cabinet that creates the ideal environment for drying and ageing meats.

No matter what you’re looking for, we likely have it in-store. We cater to all tastes and experience levels, from first time cooks, to seasoned veterans in the kitchen. We can supply the whole dinner party, from sauces and rubs, to oils and wines. We truly are your go-to retail butcher shop.

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Our Recipes

Tried and tested techniques and impassioned recipes have been passed down through the family over three generations. We don’t keep anything close to our chest - as a valued customer, you can reap the rewards of decades of Italian butcher experience.

We’ve collated dozens of recipes for you, lifting the lid on our own family secrets. If you want to know more about your cuts of meat and how best to cook them, feel free to get in touch. As premium butchers, our team loves nothing more than talking about rare recipes, sumptuous smallgoods, and choice cuts. It’s all part of the service.

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How to cook a dry-aged Tomahawk

Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees. Remove the Tomahawk from the fridge, and let the meat rest for 15 minutes until room temperature.

Beef Cheek Ragu with Pappardelle

Cut beef cheeks into smaller sized pieces. Oil and season beef cheeks with salt and pepper. Sear extra olive oil in a hot pan with the beef cheeks until golden brown on every side.

Porchetta Roast

Preheat the oven or BBQ to 170C. Place the porchetta on a chopping board. Pat down any moisture on the porchetta skin with a paper towel until the porchetta is completely dry.


Wonderful place for everything MEAT! We were recommended by a friend to try the great meat, ventured there yesterday and met the gregarious Roger, owner, and his passionate manager Daniel. We were blown away by their knowledge and dedication. Roger grows most of his own stock, slaughters locally and is proud of the great living and eating conditions for his cattle. The store has brilliant presentation, beautiful layout and tons of extras (curated wine selection, special seasoning etc). But the proof is in the eating, and last night we ate delicious steaks. We will be back for sure. We can't recommend Grange Meats enough.
Well, I was concerned following the recent closure of our butcher whom we deemed family! So, we looked to the heavens for a sign and our prayers were answered! The Gods directed us to Roger and his team and following our initial introduction, I was immediately impressed. I felt comfortable in the knowledge that the stars had aligned! Exceptional service that is second-to-none and the quality of the meat sells itself. Here's to a long-term relationship and a love affair with your meat guys! Can't wait to salivate over those 1.5kg T-bone steaks! Cheers!
From my experience of buying meats from large supermarkets and watching cooking shows off YouTube, the boys at grange meats directed me in a way I wasn’t too sure as I’m new in outdoor cooking but my god I was a king in my domaine for a day and very proud of the feedback I received. So a very big thank you and you have a customer for life now.
I have lived in Fairfield for over 26 years and i can tell you this place has the freshest most tender meat you will find anywhere.. i got lamb/goat/pork for a family Christmas lunch (30 of us) and they are still talking about the taste... thank you for sharing your quality meat with us!
Excellent service. These guys know butchery. You are never left waiting. Quality of produce is outstanding from some of the best dry age Beef that Victoria has to offer to their famous cotticino. They have everything. Cannot recommend enough.
Found a new favourite, pricing extremely reasonable, quality outstanding, service fantastic. I’m a low ‘n slow bbqer and so far, bought beef shorties, wings, pork rack along with sausages etc. Great to see they’re stocking a range of rubs and my favourite raspberry chipotle sauce.
My local go to butcher. Brilliant is an understatement. The produce is top notch and they are as clean as a whistle. You won’t be disappointed coming here.


For recipe inspiration, and a look behind the scenes at how a premium Italian butcher shop operates.

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Want to work with us?

We're always looking for passionate staff members to expand the Grange Meat Co. family! If you’re looking to work behind the counter, front of house, or in the office doing logistics, we want to hear from you. Email us with a copy of your resume and cover letter to register your interest.

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