Our Story

Grange Meat Co. has been operating with Italian gusto, hard work and heart since 1970.
Family, expertise and unrivalled quality define the Grange Meat Co legacy. Grange Meat Co. continues to connect people and families to premium meats, to indulge in La Dolce Vita at home. Grange Meat Co. prides itself on stellar service, family-run farming and uncompromising quality.
A graphic of a bull head
We have a passion for excellence and 125 years of joint experience

This allows us to honour traditional butchering methods while constantly refining our processes to elevate the quality of our meat. Tried and tested techniques and impassioned recipes have been passed down through the family over three generations.

Grange Meat Co. produces high-quality meat as a family, for families.

We excel in beef, pork, poultry, lamb, veal, goats, rabbit, suckling pigs, game and a copious range of cured meats and small goods.

We are artisan butchers also renowned for our handcrafted gourmet small goods, carefully curated in the Grange Smokehouse.

The concept of giving back is important to Grange Meat Co. Grange Meat Co. has also fostered a special partnership with various community initiatives including;
  • The James Marcon Youth Health Foundation to support research into mental health and empower youth affected by mental illness around Victoria.
  • The Yarra Junior Football League to support local sporting communities.
  • The Alphington Football Club to support local sporting communities.
  • The Alphington Bowls Club to support local community clubs.
A graphic of a bull head